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Spain - Amanecer - Edurne

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21 - 15 pts / not in semi 

Erdurne (Edurne García Almagro) is selected to represent Spain in Vienna.
The song chosen is Amanecer (Daybreak) and was presented on the 1st of March and released (digital) on March 2.
Listen here at RTVE.

Both the original version and the slightly different Eurovision version have been released as digital singles.
A remix by Brian Cross has also been released through digital shops. You can hear that one at Edurne's Vevo channel.
A Symphonic version is recorded and can be found on the net, but I haven't seen any official release of this one (and the instrumental one) yet.

On May 25 an English version titled Break Of Day was published on Edurnes Vevo Youtube.
Three English versions have been released through iTunes and other digital sources.

A 1-track promo in a press folder with the Eurovision version is issued by Sony Music Spain.

Amanecer is written by Tony Sánchez-Ohlsson, who also was the co-writer of Pastora Solers 2012 entry Quedate Conmigo.
Co-writers were Peter Boström and Thomas G:Son

Edurne's new album will be released on June 16. It's titled Adrenalina and it includes Amanecer and the symphonic version of the song. See full tracklist below. (Sony Music Spain 88875116722).

Promo folder
Amanecer - Eurovision version
- on the Vienna 2015 2CD
Amanecer - Original version
- digital release
Amanecer - Remix ft. Brian Cross
- digital release
Break Of Day - English
- videoclip
Break Of Day - Brian Cross remix
Break Of day - Apollo Vice Remix
- all English versions digital release
Amanecer - Karaoke (Instrumental)
- on the official karaoke album, digital release
Amanecer - Symphonic version
- on album Adrenalina
Amanecer - Symphonic instrumental
- not officially released, leaked.

DRI Remix
Spanish single top 50: 3, 9, 38, -, 34, -, 12, 8, 32, -

Links and sources
Edurne FB and  website

Tracklist Adrenalina
Va a ser mejor
One Shot
La última superviviente
Un día más
I Believe
Amanecer (Versión Sinfónica)
Soñar (A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes)

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