Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Austria - I Am Yours - The Makemakes

promo cds
26 - 0 pts / not in semi

The host country selected their entry on March 13. I Am Yours by the Makemakes has won the national selection.
The Makemakes are Dominic 'Dodo' Muhrer, Markus Christ and Florian Meindl. They wrote the song themselves with Jimmy Harry.
Watch a live performance here at ÖRF

I Am Yours and the second song they had in the Austrian selection, Big Bang, are released through most digital sources since March 6.
A 1-track promo cdsingle is issued by ÖRF.

I Am Yours - Eurovision version
- 1-track promo, official Vienna 2CD
I Am Yours - Karaoke version
- on the official karaoke album, digital release

The Makemakes debut album is released on May 15.
The album is simply titled The Makemakes and of course includes I Am Yours and Big Bang.
(Almost Perfecto Records/Sony, CD and digital)

The Album
The Makemakes
1. Snakes & Candy (Intro)
2. Sweet Home
3. Mary
4. You Are Not Alone
5. Merry Goodbye
6. I Am Yours
7. Big Bang
8. Heartache
9. Light In The Tunnel
10. Gone For Good
11. Little Is Much More
12. Save Me
13. Pathetic Peace Song

Charts I Am Yours
Austria top 60: 12, 2, 6, 9, 16, 23, 30, 8, 12, 13, 13, 4, 26, 48, 69, -
You can find out about national charts results of Austrian entries from 1965 to 2014 at the end of this Conchita 2014 post.

Acapella septet Piccanto recorded a coverversion of I Am Yours for their album Seven. (Ariola).
The CD also includes a coverversion of Rise Like A Phoenix.
Piccanto are the winners of the Choir version of Die Grosse Chance, a talent show from Austrian TV.
Piccanto FB

Digital Release Image
Links and sources
The Makemakes FB
ÖRF Eurovision pages
Thanks to Jean François
Thanks to the Austrian Eurovision team at ÖRF

Austria's recent Eurovision stars
2014 - Conchita Wurst
2013 - Natália Kelly
2012 - Trackshittaz
2011 - Nadine Beiler
No participation from from 2008 to 2010 for Austria

Azerbaijan - Hour Of The Wolf - Elnur Hüseynov

Digital release image
12 - 49 pts / 10 - 53 pts in semi 2

After much speculation Azerbaijani TV (Ictimai) finally confirmed Elnur Hüseynov as the singer for Vienna Eurovision.
The song is titled Hour Of The Wolf.
It's written by Sandra Bjurman, Nicolas Rebscher, Nicklas Lif and Lina Hansson.

Hour Of The Wolf, along with the karaoke version, has been released as a digital single.
A Turkish version, Karanlıklara Teslim Olmam
was revealed on May 6. Listen to it at Elnurs Youtube. It was released  on iTunes from May 22.

An early promo cd-rom includes the Eurovision version (as MP3) and karaoke (as Wave file).
Another promo cds presented at Elnurs Istanbul farewell party includes three tracks. The Eurovision version, Official remix and karaoke. (pic wanted)
You can see the first two promos in this video (Thanks Şenol).
The promo for Vienna has four versions.
1. Hour Of The Wolf - Etostone (Official) Remix
2. Karanlıklara Teslim Olmam - Turkish version
3. Hour of the Wolf - karaoke version
4. Hour of the Wolf - ESC version

3rd promo.
Remixes, made by Etostone and by Eser Hazar can be heard et Elnurs Soundcloud.

Hüseynov recently won O Ses Türkiye (The Voice Turkey, season 4), but most Eurovision fans know him from Azerbaijans first ever entry Day After Day from 2008.
The song performed with Samir Cavadzadə ended 8th in the final in Belgrade. You can read more on the versions and releases of Day After Day here at this special page at the Baku Collection.

DRI turkish version
Hour Of The Wolf - Eurovision version
- on the official Vienna 2CD, all promos
Karanlıklara Teslim Olmam - Turkish version
- Vienna promo, digital release
Hour Of The Wolf - Official remix (by Etostone)
- 2nd and 3rd promo
Hour Of The Wolf - Eser Yazar remix
- at Elnurs soundcloud
Hour Of The Wolf - Karaoke version
- on the official karaoke album, digital release, promos
- both also on digital single

Links and sources
Elnur Hüseynov FB
Ictimai Eurovision pages
Thanks to Jean-François, to Jacob, to Şenol (EurovisionDream/INFE Turkey) F. Balderas (see comments) and to Nigel.

The 2008 entry cds, Elnur on the right
Azerbaijan has never missed a final and finished top 10 on six out of seven occasions.
2014 - Dilara Kazimova
2013 - Farid Mammadov
2012 - Sabina Babayeva
2011 - Ell and Nikki
2010 - Safura
2009 - Aysel and Arash
2008 - Samir and Elnur

Monday, March 9, 2015

Poland - In The Name Of Love - Monika Kuszyńska

Digital Release Image
23 - 10 pts / 8 - 57 pts in semi 2

Monika Kuszyńska represented Poland with the song In The Name Of Love.
Watch and listen here at Monika's Youtube.
A Polish version Obudź Się I Żyj has also been recorded.

Both versions have been released through digital sources.
The promo disc features both versions plus press material (video, bio, pictures)

In The Name Of Love - English
- on the official Vienna 2CD
Obudź Się I Żyj - Polish
- digital release
In The Name Of Love - Karaoke
- on the official karaoke album, digital release.

Links and sources
Monika Kuszyńska Website and FB
TVP info
Thanks to Jean François

DRI Polish version
Polands recent efforts in Eurovision
2014 - Donatan Cleo
No participation in 2012 and 2013
2011 - Magdalena Túl
2010 - Marcin Mrozinski
2009 - Lidia Kopania

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Romania - De La Capăt / All Over Again - Voltaj

Promo cds
15 - 35 pts / 5 - 89 pts in semi 1

The band Voltaj is the winner of the Romanian national final. They represented Romania in Vienna with the song De La Capăt (From the start).
The song is written by Gabriel Constantin, Călin Gavril Goia, Adrian Cristescu, Victor-Răzvan Alstani and Silviu-Marian Păduraru.
You can listen here at TVRs Youtube and watch the videoclip here at Cat Music Youtube.

The song will be performed in a mix of English and Romanian at Eurovision.
The English version is titled All Over Again. Watch the original English language videoclip here at Cat Musics Youtube. See Versions below for more details.

Voltaj have uploaded video's to their Youtube channel with lyrics/translations of their song in many languages. So if you want to know the words in Russian, Hungarian, Italian, Czech Finnish and much more (even Irish!) go check it out.

DRI English version
For Eurovision a new edit was made in a mix of Romanian and English.
The new digital release includes the Eurovision version and new edits of the English and Romanian versions.
The original longer versions were released as seperate tracks.
All versions have been released through iTunes, Amazon and other digital sources.
The version iTunes released under the Eurovsion 2015 tag (picture sleeve is the one at the bottom) is wrong. It is the English (edit) version but at wrong speed.
The same happened to the U.K. entry.

Digital release image Eurovision version
The promo cds has three versions of the song. Next to the Eurovision version there are Romanian and English versions, all 3 minute edits.
The disc also includes the video clip, a documentary on the subject of the song and the short film Calea Dunarii (The way of the Danube) starring Razvan Schintele the kid who became the posterboy for the De La Capăt project.
(Cat Music 101 2810 2)

De La Capăt Project
The song De La Capăt ties in with a project championed by Voltaj. It's a charity to raise awareness for the many problems children and youth have to face when they are left behind when their parent go abroad for work.. The project is in cooperation with World Vision Romania, Habitat For Humanity and Western Transylvania Studios. Find the website here. (in Romanian).

DRI Romanian version
De La Capăt / All Over Again- Eurovision version (Romanian/English)
- on the official Vienna 2CD*
De La Capăt - Romanian version edit
All Over Again - English version edit
- above three in one digital release and promo cds
De La Capăt - Original Romanian version
- digital release
All Over Again - Original English version
- digital release
De La Capăt  - Karaoke of English edit version
- on the official karaoke album, digital release
All Over Again - English version edit at wrong speed
- Accidental iTunes release
* On the official album the song is titled De La Capat (only).

Austria top 75: 70

Voltaj was already founded in 1982 but many line up changes have kept the band alive and relatively young. Some band members were 7 (or even minus 3) years old when the band came to life.
The band has transformed from a protest band in the early years via heavy metal and easy electronic pop to the pop-rock band it is now.

Voltaj today are Oliver Sterian (drums), Valeriu Ionescu (bass), Gabriel Constantin (guitar), Adrian Cristescu (keyboards) and leadsinger Călin Goia.
Their most recent CD is Da Vina Pe Voltaj from 2012.

Digital release image 
Links and sources
TVR Eurovision pages
Eurovision Romania FB
Voltaj website and FB
De La Capăt Project
Thanks to Lior

Romania's Recent Adventures in Eurovision
2014 - Paula Seling and Ovi II
2013 - Cezar
2012 - Mandinga
2011 - Hotel FM
2010 - Paula Seling and Ovi
2009 - Elena Georghe

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Portugal - Há Um Mar Que Nos Separa - Leonor Andrade

Digital release image
14 - 19 pts in semi 2

Há Um Mar Que Nos Separa (There's a sea that seperates usis the Portuguese entry for Eurovision 2015. The song is performed by Leonor Andrade who won the 49th Festival RTP da Canção.
The song is written by Miguel Gameiro.

The song has been released digitally, but the version on the official Vienna release sounds different (read: terrible), something must have gone wrong in the mix. The karaoke version sounds perfecty O.K., and so does the single track release.
Unfortunately my CD has the same wrong version as the digital album (Universal 472 224-3, Netherlands issue). I don't know if other releases have the same problem.

Leonor Andrade was a contestant on The Voice Portugal where she reached the final eight.

Six versions of the song can be heard here at RTP, they are also included on the promo cdsingle.
Há Um Mar Que Nos Separa - Eurovision version
- digital single release
Há Um Mar Que Nos Separa - Acoustic
My Own Beat (If there are oceans in between us) - English
La Mar Que Nos Separa - Spanish acoustic
Há Um Mar Que Nos Separa - Piano version in Portuguese
- all above on promo cds and RTP website
Há Um Mar Que Nos Separa - First studio version
- release details wanted
Há Um Mar Que Nos Separa - Karaoke
- on the official karaoke album, digital release.
Há Um Mar Que Nos Separa - Faulty Eurovision version
- on the official Vienna 2CD

Links and sources
Festival RTP da Canção pages
Festivais da Canção History pages
Leonor Andrade FB

Portugals entries from 2009 to 2014
2014 - Suzy
2013 - No participation
2012 - Filipa Souza
2011 - Homens da Luta
2010 - Filipa Azevedo
2009 - Flor de Lis

One of the contestants in this years Festival RTP da Canção was Eurovision legend Simone de Oliveira. At Eurocovers you'll find her Eurovision discography.

United Kingdom - Still In Love With You - Electro Velvet

5 - 24 pts / not in semi

Electro Velvet was appointed by the BBC to represent the United Kingdom in Vienna.
The title of the song is Still In Love With You.
Electro Velvet are Alex Larke and Bianca Nicholas.
The song is written by David Mindel and Alex Larke.

Watch and listen here at the BBC.

The cdsingle was out on April 17 and was released under the name of Electro Velvet featuring Stringfever.
It includes three tracks.
Still In Love With You - Single mix
Still In Love With You - Lone Sharx Remix
Still In Love With You - Karaoke
(Right Track RTRCD65)
The digital release of the EP was rush released early April through Right Track records and has the same three versions. Earlier the single track was released through digital sources (see below).

Below image was posted on the Facebook, thanks to Juha for posting it on our Facebook.
Looks like a design for a record company promo cd, which popped up later as a 1-track promo..
They probably know something we don't know: It reads 'The 2015 United Kingdom Winning Entry'.

Another promo with the three version was issued in the Netherlands through Red Bullet records.

Pledgemusic EP and Vinyl cancelled
Later this year Electro Velvet will be releasing a new CD EP with new tracks and two new versions of Still In Love With You. There will also be a vinyl single with Still In Love With You on one of the double A-sides.
You can pledge to buy these, ( pre-order) and you'll receive the goods when they are released.
EV also have some other offers and all orders get an Access Pass giving access to exclusive updates.
Find out everything here at Pledgemusic.
Update: Sadly the pledge campaign has been cancelled. Read all about the hows and why's here.

It seems that in some territories the digital release on iTunes has been advanced but the version delivered turns out to be at wrong speed. It's much slower (and 15 seconds longer) than it should be and it turns out to be accidental.
Things have been corrected now.
A similar error version of the Romanian entry release also escaped.

Digital release image
Still In Love With You - Single mix / Eurovision
- also on the official Vienna 2CD
Still In Love With You - Lone Sharx Remix
Still In Love With You - Karaoke
- on cdsingle and official karaoke album digital release
Still In Love With You - Wrong speed version
- accidental iTunes release, Australian issue of Vienna 2CD.

South African singer Colé van Dais teamed up with singer/actor Emmanuel Castis and recorded a coverversion in Afrikaans: Ek's So Lief Vir Jou. It can be found on the 2018 album Colé and Friends.
Find out all about this album here at Eurocovers.

Although there is no trace in the official UK top 100, Still In Love With You enters the Physical Charts (cdsingles and vinyls) at Number 1.
U.K. Physical charts top 100: 1, 12, 7, 6, 6, 2, 16, 27, 52, 40, 59, 44, -
SILWY failed to reach the U.K. top 100: 114, 156, -
Sweden Digilistan top 60: 49, -
Austria top 75: 53, -

DRI single track
Links and sources
BBC Eurovision FB and pages
Electro Velvet FB
Thanks to Jean-François and to Frank

U.K.'s recent entries
2014 - Molly
2013 - Bonnie Tyler
2012 - Engelbert Humperdinck
2011 - Blue
2010 - Josh Dubovie
2009 - Jade Ewen
Pic from BBC Eurovision Facebook

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Germany - Black Smoke - Ann Sophie

27 - 0 pts / not in semi

The German 2015 entry is titled Black Smoke and is performed by Ann Sophie.
Ann Sophie came second in the German selection Unser Song Für Österreich but the winner, Andreas Kümmert, withdrew from going to Vienna straight after the German final results were out.
Black Smoke is written by Michael Harwood, Ella McMahon and Tonino Speciale.
The singers each had two songs in the German selection, but only four finalists got to perform their 2nd song. Ann Sophie's first round song is Jump The Gun, which has also been released digitally.
A cdsingle with both songs was released on March 20. (Polydor / Universal 602547301802)

Digital release image
Like Elaiza last year, Ann Sophie is the winner of the wildcard round, a pre-selection of unsigned talent to win one of the eight tickets to the German final.

Autumn version
A new version of Black Smoke is released in September (digital release).
It also has a new video. Listen and watch here at Ann Sophie's Youtube channel.

Black Smoke - Eurovision version
- on the official Vienna 2CD
Black Smoke - Single version
- cdsingle
Black Smoke - new acoustic version
- digital release
Black Smoke - Karaoke version
- on the official karaoke album, digital release

Silver Into Gold
April 24 sees the release of Ann Sophie's new album Silver Into Gold. It includes her Eurovision entry (single version) and Jump The Gun.
(Polydor/Universal) See full tracklist below.

D.r.i. Jump The Gun
Germany top 100: 29, -, 92, 94, -, re after the contest 26, 99
Austria top 75: 54

Links and sources
Ann Sophie website and FB
USFÖ pages and FB
Thanks to Jean-François and to André at Brainpool.

Andreas Kümmert
The original winner who won Unser Song Für Österreich but declined to go to Vienna released his song on a re-issue version of his album 2014 Here I Am. A one track promo was also issued.
His song, Heart Of Stone reached No. 12 in the German top 100.

The German Eurovision tunes from the past few years
2014 - Elaiza
2013 - Cascada
2012 - Roman Lob
2011 - Lena II
2010 - Lena Meyer Landruth
2009 - Alex Sings, Oscar Swings

Tracklist Silver Into Gold
1. Black Smoke
2. Jump The Gun
3. I Don’t Know Where I’m Going
4. Lie To Me
5. Get Over Yourself
6. Still That Girl
7. Have You Ever
8. I Believed
9. See The Light
10. I Think It’s A Love Song
11. Changing Lights
12. Silver Into Gold

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Greece - One Last Breath - Maria Elena Kyriakou

Digital release image Eurovision version
19 - 23 pts / 6 - 81 pts in semi 1

Maria Elena Kyriakou (Μαρία Έλενα Κυριάκουwill represent Greece in Vienna. The ballad One Last Breath is written by Vaggelis Konstantinidis & Evelina Tziora.
Watch and listen here at Maria Elena's website

One Last Breath in the original and Eurovision versions and the Greek version Mia Anapnoi are released through your well known digital sources.

A 1-track promo with the Eurovision version is issued.

Digital release image original version
One Last Breath - Eurovision version
- on the official Vienna 2CD, cdsingle, promo
One Last Breath - Original version
- both have been released digitally (seperately)
Μια Αναπνοή (Mia Anapnoi) - Greek version
- digital release, cdsingle
One Last Breath - Karaoke
- on the official karaoke album, digital release

One Last Breath: The Album
Maria Elena Kyriakou has released her album in Greece. It includes the Eurovision version and the Greek version of One Last Breath.
CD album. pic from Amazon.
Links and sources
DRI Greek version
Maria Elena Kyriakou website and FB
Thanks to Jean-François and to Nigel.

More Eurovision songs from Greece.
2014 - Freaky Fortune ft. Riskykidd
2013 - Koza Mostra ft. Aganthonas Iakovidis
2012 - Eleftheria Eleftheriou
2011 - Loucas Yiorcas and Stereo Mike
2010 - Giorgos Alkaios and Friends
2009 - Sakis Rouvas

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Hungary - Wars For Nothing - Boggie

2nd Digital Release Image
20 - 19 pts / 8 - 67 pts in semi 1

Wars For Nothing by Boggie (Csemer Boglárka) is the winner of the 2015 Dal 2015, the Hungarian selection for Eurovision.
The song is written by Áron Sebestyén and Sára Hélène Bori.

Listen here at Boggies Youtube.

Wars For Nothing was already released in october 2014 on Boggies album All Is One Is All (CD and digital out on Tom Tom Records, tracklist below)
A new digital single release also has the karaoke version. (Tom-Tom records)

promo cds
The promo cdsingle for Vienna has 4 tracks:
1. Fearless
2. Wars For Nothing
3. Parfüm
4. Camouflage

Boggie shot to fame with the video for her 2013 song Parfüm (Nouveau Parfum), revealing the secrets of how and why all your favorite international stars look so good.

3rd DRI
Wars For Nothing - Original/Eurovision version
- on CD All Is One Is All, official Vienna 2CD
Wars For Nothing - Karaoke
- on the official karaoke album, digital release
- both on digital single

Austria top 75: 64

1st Digital Release Image

Dal 2015
All 30 songs from the Hungarian selection, including the winner,  have been released on the 2CD Dalfesztival 2015.
The CD version is available at BeaRecords.

Links and sources
Boggie FB and website
ESC Hungary
Thanks to Jean-François

All Is One Is All
1.   All is One is All (Intro)
2.   All Is One Is All
3.   Fearless
4.   Mon bagage
5.   Utazom
6.   Camouflage
7.   Égbolt
8.   Say Something
9.   Wars for Nothing
10. Színes Minden
11. Szabadító

Hungary's recent efforts
2014 - András Kállay Saunders
2013 - ByeAlex
2012 - Compact Disco
2011 - Kati Wolf
2010 - no participation
2009 - Adok Zoli