Saturday, January 31, 2015

Czech Republic - Hope Never Dies - Marta Jandová and Václav Noid Bárta

Digital release image
13 - 33 pts in semi 2

After a three year absence and an equal number of "not so successful" entries,  the Czech Republic returns to the Eurovision fold. Welcome back!
Czech Television (ČT) have anounced Marta Jandová and Václav Noid Bárta as the singers for Vienna. Their song, Hope Never Dies, written by Bárta, was presented on March 10.

A 1-track promo cds is issued by ČT. In Vienna the promo came with a large folder.

Listen to the song here

Promo folder
Hope Never Dies - Eurovision version
- on the official Vienna 2CD
Hope Never Dies - Karaoke version (Instrumental)
- on the official karaoke album, digital release

Noid Album
Václav Noid Bárta has released his album Jedinej Krok in October. It includes the Eurovision duet and 9 other tracks.
(Warner Music 08256466031603).

Links and sources
Marta Jandová FB and website (in German)
Václav Noid Bárta FB and website

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2011 -

Switzerland - Time To Shine - Mélanie René

17 - 4 pts in semi 2

Time To Shine by Mélanie René won the Swiss final 'Die Grosse Entscheidungshow'.
The song is written by Mélanie herself.
This time the Swiss entry comes from the selection by RTS, the French language broadcaster.
Watch and listen here at the tube.

The song is released through digital sources like iTunes and Amazon.
Another digital release is a single including a second track Little Girl.

Digital release image single version
A new version mixed for Eurovision has also been released (through Rendez-Vous digital) and is available at most digital sources.
It has a new image.

A 3-track cdsingle has been made including the new version, other song Little Girl and a karaoke (Playback with backing vocals). It has a number but no label (7 611745569566)

The promo for Vienna is a cd-rom with audio, video and press material in an A5 size folder.
Promo folder

3rd release DRI
Time To Shine - Eurovision version
- on the official Vienna 2CD
Time To Shine - Single version
- digital release
Time To Shine - First version
- As in the first video
Time To Shine - Karaoke version
- on the official karaoke album, digital release

Switzerland top 75: 73, -

Digital release image of the 2 track release
links and sources:
Mélanie René website and FB
RTS Eurovision pages
Thanks to Jean-François

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

France - N'oubliez pas - Lisa Angell

Album artwork
25 - 4 pts / not in semi

France 2 has announced that Lisa Angell will represent France in Vienna with the song N'Oubliez Pas (Don't forget). The song is written by Robert Goldman.
Listen here (Vevo)

N'Oubliez Pas will be included in Lisa Angells forthcoming album Lisa Angell which will be out on May 11.
On the new album, her 4th,  Lisa worked with Robert Goldman, Patrick Fiori (Eurovision 1993), Jacques Veneruso and Serge Lama (Eurovision 1971)

An early promo cdsingle is a 1-track disc in a plastic sleeve with paper insert.
A second promo, as used in Amsterdam and Vienna also has the 1 track and comes in a cardsleeve.
Both have the same artwork.
There are also two USB sticks. One is a real stick, the other is the shape of a tiny vinyl record.

2nd promo
N'oubliez Pas - Eurovision version
- on the official Vienna 2CD
N'Oubliez pas - Karaoke
- on the official karaoke album, digital release

France top 200: 74, 194, -

Lisa Angell Album Discography
2011 Les Divines
2013 Des Mots....
2014 Frou Frou
2015 Lisa Angell

In 2014 Lisa Angell recorded a version of the French 1977 winner L'oiseau Et L'enfant (Marie Myriam) with Portuguese singer Tony Carreira. This version in Portuguese and French can be found on Carreira's album  Nos Fiançailles, France / Portugal which was a No. 4 in the French album charts.
More details and videoclip here at Eurocovers.

Robert Goldman.
It's not the first Eurovision entry for Goldman, he co-wrote Je N'ai Que Mon Âme, the entry sung by Natasha Saint-Pier (4th place).
He also wrote for artist like Michel Sardou, Yannick Noah, Roch Voisine, Julie Zenatti, Tina Arena and Isabelle Boulay. Eurovision stars that have recorded one or more of his songs are Celine Dion, Sofia Mestari and Patricia Kaas.

Digital release image
Picture from Lisa Angells facebook
Links and sources
Lisa Angell FB
Listen here at daily Motion
Merci à Stéphanie Tavilla at Agence Rise Up for the pics

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Georgia - Warrior - Nina Sublatti

Digital release image (Amazon
11 - 51 pts / 4 - 98 pts in semi 1

Nina Sublatti (ნინა სუბლატი) won the 5-song Georgian selection for Vienna with the song Warrior.
Nina wrote the song herself.

A new version is recorded for the contest.
Thomas G:son, Swedish Eurovision royalty, produced the Eurovision version of the song.
Watch the video here.

An acoustic version was released through digital sources.

A promo cds was issued as well as a USB stick.

Warrior - Eurovision version
- on the official Vienna 2CD
Warrior - Acoustic version
- digital release
Warrior - Original version
- first video
Warrior - Karaoke
- on the official karaoke album, digital release
Several remixes have appeared on Youtube but none of them appears to be officially released.

Austria top 75: 73, -

Links and sources
Nina Sublatti FB
Thanks to Jean-François

Pic from Nina Sublatti's facebook
Georgia's recent efforts
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2013 - Sopho and Nodi
2012 - Anri Joxadze
2011 - Eldrine
2010 - Sopho Nizharadze
2009 - Stephane and 3G (withdrawn entry)

Spain - Amanecer - Edurne

Digital Release Image
21 - 15 pts / not in semi 

Erdurne (Edurne García Almagro) is selected to represent Spain in Vienna.
The song chosen is Amanecer (Daybreak) and was presented on the 1st of March and released (digital) on March 2.
Listen here at RTVE.

Both the original version and the slightly different Eurovision version have been released as digital singles.
A remix by Brian Cross has also been released through digital shops. You can hear that one at Edurne's Vevo channel.
A Symphonic version is recorded and can be found on the net, but I haven't seen any official release of this one (and the instrumental one) yet.

On May 25 an English version titled Break Of Day was published on Edurnes Vevo Youtube.
Three English versions have been released through iTunes and other digital sources.

A 1-track promo in a press folder with the Eurovision version is issued by Sony Music Spain.

Amanecer is written by Tony Sánchez-Ohlsson, who also was the co-writer of Pastora Solers 2012 entry Quedate Conmigo.
Co-writers were Peter Boström and Thomas G:Son

Edurne's new album will be released on June 16. It's titled Adrenalina and it includes Amanecer and the symphonic version of the song. See full tracklist below. (Sony Music Spain 88875116722).

Promo folder
Amanecer - Eurovision version
- on the Vienna 2015 2CD
Amanecer - Original version
- digital release
Amanecer - Remix ft. Brian Cross
- digital release
Break Of Day - English
- videoclip
Break Of Day - Brian Cross remix
Break Of day - Apollo Vice Remix
- all English versions digital release
Amanecer - Karaoke (Instrumental)
- on the official karaoke album, digital release
Amanecer - Symphonic version
- on album Adrenalina
Amanecer - Symphonic instrumental
- not officially released, leaked.

DRI Remix
Spanish single top 50: 3, 9, 38, -, 34, -, 12, 8, 32, -

Links and sources
Edurne FB and  website

Tracklist Adrenalina
Va a ser mejor
One Shot
La última superviviente
Un día más
I Believe
Amanecer (Versión Sinfónica)
Soñar (A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes)

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