Sunday, December 28, 2014

Albania - I'm Alive - Elhaida Dani

17 - 34 pts / 10 - 62 pts in semi 1

Elhaida Dani won the 53rd Festivali i Këngës with her song Diell (Të Kërkoj) ((Sun) Ask yourself and the singer represents Albania in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna.

But Elhaida Dani went to Vienna with a new song I'm Alive, written by ZzapnChriss (=Arber Elshani and Chriss Lekaj) and Sokol Marsi. The original winner was withdrawn. (see below).
Listen to I'm Alive here at's Youtube.
The song is released through most digital sources.

An Albanian version Një Jetë was released on May 3.
Watch and listen here

A promo CD/DVD set is issued by RTSH.
The CD features 10 tracks, but it's actually only five and all are included twice.
1. Një Jetë - Albanian Version
2. I'm Alive - Instrumental Version
3. I'm Alive -  Drum ‘n’ Bass Remix
4. I'm Alive -  English Version
5. I'm Alive -  Karaoke Version
6. I'm Alive -  Instrumental Version
7. I'm Alive -  Drum ‘n’ Bass Remix
8. I'm Alive -  English Version
9. I'm Alive -  Karaoke Version
10. I'm Alive -  Albanian Version
The DVD is actually a DVD-rom and it contains photos, lyrics, biogs, the video to the song, a ‘making of the video’ documentary, a travelogue of Albania and a greeting to fans from Elhaida (though this last one doesn’t seem to have any sound!)

Digital release image
I'm Alive - Eurovision version
- on the official Vienna 2CD
Një Jetë - Albanian
- video
I'm Alive - Drum 'n' Bass remix
I'm Alive - Instrumental
I'm Alive - Karaoke version
- on the official karaoke album, digital release
- all above versions on the promo set.

One of the authors of the original song, Aldo Shllaku, has decided to withdraw Diell from the Eurovision competition because of unexpected changes made in the song he was not informed about by RTSH. He views this as a "violation of copyright and professional ethics".
The original song is written by Aldo Shllaku, Viola Trebicka and Sokol Marsi.

In 2013 Elhaida Dani won The Voice of Italy and released a 6-track EP including her radio hit Baciami Basta and tracks recorded at The Voice.
In 2011 she entered FiK with the song Mijëra Vjet (Thousand years), but ended last in the final with 0 points.

Links and sources:
Watch the live performance at RTSH's YT
Elhaida Dani FB and Website
Thanks to Nigel.

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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Belarus - Time - Uzari and Maimuna

Digital Release Image
12 - 39 pts in semi 1

Uzari and Maimuna (Юзари И Маймуна) won the Belarus national final and will represent their country in Vienna.
The song they won the final with is called Time.

A new version is recorded for Eurovision and has been released through digital sources.
Listen to the new version at Eurovision TV

"This year, Belarus’ representatives are not going to take any music CDs to Eurovision. Instead, the promo package will include such souvenirs as hourglass-shaped memory sticks and magnets." (from
So there's no cdsingle or promo this year for Belarus. A USB stick, USB card and USB watch have popped up.

USB card
Time - Eurovision version
- on the official Vienna 2CD
Time - original version
- first digital release
Time - Karaoke version
- on the official karaoke album, digital release

Uzari (Yuri Navrotski, Юрый Наўроцкі) already participated in the Belarus selections in 2012 (with a song titled The Winner, but only ending 5th) and in 2013 (8th with Secret).
For Vienna he teams up with violinist Maimuna for the song Time written by Yuri Navrotsky himself and Svetlana Geraskova.
Geraskova also co-wrote the 2011 entry I Love Belarus.

Pic from
Links and sources
TVR, some more details are here
Uzari and Maimuna FB
Thanks to Jean-François
Thanks to Kath Lockett at Uzari and Mumainu HQ.

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