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Romania - De La Capăt / All Over Again - Voltaj

Promo cds
15 - 35 pts / 5 - 89 pts in semi 1

The band Voltaj is the winner of the Romanian national final. They represented Romania in Vienna with the song De La Capăt (From the start).
The song is written by Gabriel Constantin, Călin Gavril Goia, Adrian Cristescu, Victor-Răzvan Alstani and Silviu-Marian Păduraru.
You can listen here at TVRs Youtube and watch the videoclip here at Cat Music Youtube.

The song will be performed in a mix of English and Romanian at Eurovision.
The English version is titled All Over Again. Watch the original English language videoclip here at Cat Musics Youtube. See Versions below for more details.

Voltaj have uploaded video's to their Youtube channel with lyrics/translations of their song in many languages. So if you want to know the words in Russian, Hungarian, Italian, Czech Finnish and much more (even Irish!) go check it out.

DRI English version
For Eurovision a new edit was made in a mix of Romanian and English.
The new digital release includes the Eurovision version and new edits of the English and Romanian versions.
The original longer versions were released as seperate tracks.
All versions have been released through iTunes, Amazon and other digital sources.
The version iTunes released under the Eurovsion 2015 tag (picture sleeve is the one at the bottom) is wrong. It is the English (edit) version but at wrong speed.
The same happened to the U.K. entry.

Digital release image Eurovision version
The promo cds has three versions of the song. Next to the Eurovision version there are Romanian and English versions, all 3 minute edits.
The disc also includes the video clip, a documentary on the subject of the song and the short film Calea Dunarii (The way of the Danube) starring Razvan Schintele the kid who became the posterboy for the De La Capăt project.
(Cat Music 101 2810 2)

De La Capăt Project
The song De La Capăt ties in with a project championed by Voltaj. It's a charity to raise awareness for the many problems children and youth have to face when they are left behind when their parent go abroad for work.. The project is in cooperation with World Vision Romania, Habitat For Humanity and Western Transylvania Studios. Find the website here. (in Romanian).

DRI Romanian version
De La Capăt / All Over Again- Eurovision version (Romanian/English)
- on the official Vienna 2CD*
De La Capăt - Romanian version edit
All Over Again - English version edit
- above three in one digital release and promo cds
De La Capăt - Original Romanian version
- digital release
All Over Again - Original English version
- digital release
De La Capăt  - Karaoke of English edit version
- on the official karaoke album, digital release
All Over Again - English version edit at wrong speed
- Accidental iTunes release
* On the official album the song is titled De La Capat (only).

Austria top 75: 70

Voltaj was already founded in 1982 but many line up changes have kept the band alive and relatively young. Some band members were 7 (or even minus 3) years old when the band came to life.
The band has transformed from a protest band in the early years via heavy metal and easy electronic pop to the pop-rock band it is now.

Voltaj today are Oliver Sterian (drums), Valeriu Ionescu (bass), Gabriel Constantin (guitar), Adrian Cristescu (keyboards) and leadsinger Călin Goia.
Their most recent CD is Da Vina Pe Voltaj from 2012.

Digital release image 
Links and sources
TVR Eurovision pages
Eurovision Romania FB
Voltaj website and FB
De La Capăt Project
Thanks to Lior

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