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Azerbaijan - Hour Of The Wolf - Elnur Hüseynov

Digital release image
12 - 49 pts / 10 - 53 pts in semi 2

After much speculation Azerbaijani TV (Ictimai) finally confirmed Elnur Hüseynov as the singer for Vienna Eurovision.
The song is titled Hour Of The Wolf.
It's written by Sandra Bjurman, Nicolas Rebscher, Nicklas Lif and Lina Hansson.

Hour Of The Wolf, along with the karaoke version, has been released as a digital single.
A Turkish version, Karanlıklara Teslim Olmam
was revealed on May 6. Listen to it at Elnurs Youtube. It was released  on iTunes from May 22.

An early promo cd-rom includes the Eurovision version (as MP3) and karaoke (as Wave file).
Another promo cds presented at Elnurs Istanbul farewell party includes three tracks. The Eurovision version, Official remix and karaoke. (pic wanted)
You can see the first two promos in this video (Thanks Şenol).
The promo for Vienna has four versions.
1. Hour Of The Wolf - Etostone (Official) Remix
2. Karanlıklara Teslim Olmam - Turkish version
3. Hour of the Wolf - karaoke version
4. Hour of the Wolf - ESC version

3rd promo.
Remixes, made by Etostone and by Eser Hazar can be heard et Elnurs Soundcloud.

Hüseynov recently won O Ses Türkiye (The Voice Turkey, season 4), but most Eurovision fans know him from Azerbaijans first ever entry Day After Day from 2008.
The song performed with Samir Cavadzadə ended 8th in the final in Belgrade. You can read more on the versions and releases of Day After Day here at this special page at the Baku Collection.

DRI turkish version
Hour Of The Wolf - Eurovision version
- on the official Vienna 2CD, all promos
Karanlıklara Teslim Olmam - Turkish version
- Vienna promo, digital release
Hour Of The Wolf - Official remix (by Etostone)
- 2nd and 3rd promo
Hour Of The Wolf - Eser Yazar remix
- at Elnurs soundcloud
Hour Of The Wolf - Karaoke version
- on the official karaoke album, digital release, promos
- both also on digital single

Links and sources
Elnur Hüseynov FB
Ictimai Eurovision pages
Thanks to Jean-François, to Jacob, to Şenol (EurovisionDream/INFE Turkey) F. Balderas (see comments) and to Nigel.

The 2008 entry cds, Elnur on the right
Azerbaijan has never missed a final and finished top 10 on six out of seven occasions.
2014 - Dilara Kazimova
2013 - Farid Mammadov
2012 - Sabina Babayeva
2011 - Ell and Nikki
2010 - Safura
2009 - Aysel and Arash
2008 - Samir and Elnur

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  1. The Turkish version is on iTunes


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