Thursday, March 5, 2015

Germany - Black Smoke - Ann Sophie

27 - 0 pts / not in semi

The German 2015 entry is titled Black Smoke and is performed by Ann Sophie.
Ann Sophie came second in the German selection Unser Song Für Österreich but the winner, Andreas Kümmert, withdrew from going to Vienna straight after the German final results were out.
Black Smoke is written by Michael Harwood, Ella McMahon and Tonino Speciale.
The singers each had two songs in the German selection, but only four finalists got to perform their 2nd song. Ann Sophie's first round song is Jump The Gun, which has also been released digitally.
A cdsingle with both songs was released on March 20. (Polydor / Universal 602547301802)

Digital release image
Like Elaiza last year, Ann Sophie is the winner of the wildcard round, a pre-selection of unsigned talent to win one of the eight tickets to the German final.

Autumn version
A new version of Black Smoke is released in September (digital release).
It also has a new video. Listen and watch here at Ann Sophie's Youtube channel.

Black Smoke - Eurovision version
- on the official Vienna 2CD
Black Smoke - Single version
- cdsingle
Black Smoke - new acoustic version
- digital release
Black Smoke - Karaoke version
- on the official karaoke album, digital release

Silver Into Gold
April 24 sees the release of Ann Sophie's new album Silver Into Gold. It includes her Eurovision entry (single version) and Jump The Gun.
(Polydor/Universal) See full tracklist below.

D.r.i. Jump The Gun
Germany top 100: 29, -, 92, 94, -, re after the contest 26, 99
Austria top 75: 54

Links and sources
Ann Sophie website and FB
USFÖ pages and FB
Thanks to Jean-François and to André at Brainpool.

Andreas Kümmert
The original winner who won Unser Song Für Österreich but declined to go to Vienna released his song on a re-issue version of his album 2014 Here I Am. A one track promo was also issued.
His song, Heart Of Stone reached No. 12 in the German top 100.

The German Eurovision tunes from the past few years
2014 - Elaiza
2013 - Cascada
2012 - Roman Lob
2011 - Lena II
2010 - Lena Meyer Landruth
2009 - Alex Sings, Oscar Swings

Tracklist Silver Into Gold
1. Black Smoke
2. Jump The Gun
3. I Don’t Know Where I’m Going
4. Lie To Me
5. Get Over Yourself
6. Still That Girl
7. Have You Ever
8. I Believed
9. See The Light
10. I Think It’s A Love Song
11. Changing Lights
12. Silver Into Gold

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