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Latvia - Love Injected - Aminata

Digital release image
6 - 186 pts / 2 -155 pts in semi 2

Love Injected by Aminata Savadogo is the winner of the 4-song final of Latvia's Supernova.
She wrote her song for Vienna herself.
Listen to the song here at Aminata's Youtube.

The first version on the net is a demo version, the song has been re-recorded for the official Eurovision CD.

Four remixes were released early in Latvia, the international remix EP is out on May 22 (digital through Dos Or Die records).
More remixes were released in December 2015 and Januari 2016.
You can listen to previews here at Dos or Die and the full versions are on Spotify.
See details in the list of versions below.

International remix EP
Love Injected is included on Aminata's debut album album Inner Voice.
The CD is out now in Latvia. It has ten songs all written by Aminata herself.
It also includes the 2014preselection song I Can Breathe and single Leave My Love Bleeding.
See full tracklist below.

In 2014 Aminata already reached the final in Latvia. Her song I Can Breathe ended 5th in the final.
Another single Leave My Love Bleeding was released in the summer of 2014.
In 2013 she won the talent show Jaunā Talantu Fabrika (Young talent factory).

Digital release image [Ex] Da Bass club mix
Inner Voice, Aminata's debut album

2017 US release
5 remixes have been released and promoted by the Carrillo label (US)
Love Injected - [Ex] Da Bass radio mix
Love Injected - [Ex] Da Bass club mix
Love Injected - GVR MNT Club mix
Love Injected - Mafia Mike & Silver House remix
Love Injected - Seal De Green remix
2017 US release, digital release image
2020 concert version
On March 15 a new digital single was released. It's one track named the Concert version. I don't know if it's live or not but it's out through you digitals.

Concert version 2020 image
Love Injected - Eurovision version
- on the official Vienna 2CD
Love Injected - original version (a.k.a demo)
Love Injected - [Ex] Da Bass radio mix
Love Injected - [Ex] Da Bass club mix
Love Injected - Makree remix
Love Injected - Tommy U and Tob Luii remix
- all versions can be heard on Aminata's Youtube and are available at
Love Injected - Mafia Mike & Silver remix
Love Injected - Andrew Proland's Hot Hotels remix
Love Injected - Seal Da Green remix
DRI [Ex] Da Bass radio mix
- above three remixes were released on December 15 through Beatport, iTunes and other sources
Love Injected - Karl G Remix
Love Injected - GVR MNT Remix
- The last two remixes were released on Januari 11 (2016) and have been released through the usual digital stores.
You can listen to previews here at Dos or Die, all remixes are also at Spotify
Love Injected - Concert version
- digital release 2020
Love Injected - Karaoke of Eurovision version
- on the official karaoke album, digital release

DRI Tommy U and Tob Luii remix
Germany top 100: 51
Sweden Digilistan top 60: 27, 50
Switzerland top 75: 74
Australia top 100: 87
Austria top 75: 19
Also No. 135 in U.K. top 200

Links and sources
Aminata FB
LTV Supernova pages
Aminata Soundcloud has her three singles sells the digital Aminata stuff
Thanks to Jean-François

Latvia's entries from the past few years
2014 - Aarzemnieki
2013 - PeR
2012 - Anmary
2011 - Musiqq
2010 - Aisha
2009 - Intars Busulis

Tracklist Inner Voice
01. Dualism
02. Leave My Love Bleeding
03. The Bound
04. Love Injected
05. Land Of Nibiru
06. I Can Breathe
07. Cell Phone
08. Let Me Know
09. Ring My Bells
10. Until We Land (Featuring Ralfs Eilands)
Ralfs Eilands was one of the two members of PeR who entered Eurovision in 2013 with Here We Go

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