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Lithuania - This Time - Monika Linkytė and Vaidas Baumila

18 - 30 pts / 7 - 67 pts in semi 2

After a multi week extravanza the Lithuanian people enjoyed a final with three songs performed three times by three different artists.
The winning song is This Time, written by Bikus Vytautas and Monika Liubinaitė.
The performers for Vienna, Monika Linkytė and Vaidas Baumila, were decided a week later.
The singers remaining for the last stage the competition were Mia, Monika Linkytė and Vaidas Baumila, but they opted for two versions in the final: a duet version by Linkytė and Baumila and a solo version by Mia.

A cdsingle issued by LRT includes six versions of This Time.
01. This Time 
02. This Time - Acoustic version
03. This Time - Version Francaise
04. This Time - Dabar  - Lietuviška versija
05. This Time - Karaoke
06. This Time - One Element Remix
Track 1 is a slightly different version from the one on the official Eurovision CD. It's a little bit longer, best noted in the final 10 seconds where there are some more oooh and woos. The karaoke version on the cds is also different from the official karaoke album release.
The Eurovision version on the cdsingle also sounds different (better) than the version on the Vienna 2CD. Vocals are more in front and less drowned in the backings. Thanks Frank for noticing!.

All national final songs were first presented in demo versions. The demo of This Time was recorded by Vaidas Baumila, one of the finalists.
The English duet version has been released on March 26.
The Lithuanian version has appeared on Monika's Youtube on April 22.
Baumila released his new album Iš Naujo. It features his solo version of This Time.
The album is available through digital sources and it's also released on CD in Lithuania.

Monika Linkytė has released her solo album Walk With Me in September. It features the duet version that can also be found on the cdsingle. Out through Gyva Muzika on CD and digital releases.
The album includes songs in Lithuanian and English Also includes singles Po Dangum and Aitvarai.

Digital release image
This Time - Eurovision version
- Vienna 2CD. 
This Time - Single version
- on Monika Linkytė solo CD Walk With Me
This Time - Dabar - Lithuanian version
This Time - French version
- Lithuanian and French on Youtube
This Time - Acoustic version
This Time - One Element Remix
This Time - Karaoke of single version
- all above except ESC version on cdsingle
This Time - Original (demo) by Vaidas Baumila solo
- on CD Baumila CD Iš Naujo.
This Time - Karaoke of Eurovision version
- on official karaoke album, digital release

Austria top 75: 59

pic from Baumila's Facebook
Links and sources
LRT Eurovision pages
Monika Linkytė FB
Vaidas Baumila FB
Thanks to F. Balderas (see comments) and thanks to Frank.

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  1. Vaidas Baumila's Iš Naujo was released on 28/03/2015. The version included of This Time is his solo version.


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