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Armenia - Face The Shadow - Genealogy

16 - 34 pts / 7 - 77 pts in semi 1

promo cds
Armenia has chosen to send a collective of singers with Armenian roots from five continents to Vienna. The sixth singer, Inga Arshakyan, is from Armenia.
The group is named Genealogy and they performed the song Face The Shadow.
Face The Shadow is written by Armen Martirosyan with lyrics by Inna Mkrtchyan.
Martirosyan also wrote the 2010 entry Apricot Stone which also had a tree....

ARM TV disclosed the names of the six singers one by one starting Februari 16. (see below).

The song was originally titled Don't Deny, but to avoid confusion about the message tying with the 100 years anniversary of the Armenian genocide the title was changed to Face The Shadow.
They also changed the logo's on the facebook pages as the original one was very similar to the one of the Armenian genocide centennial. (see end of page).
The song was presented on March 12.
Watch here at Eurovision TV.

Digital release image
A seperate promo cds features the Eurovision version and the Sunside remix of Face The Shadow. (The remix is track 1)
A promo set has three discs: 1 with the same tracks as the cdsingle, a cd-rom with press material and a DVD with the video.

You can listen to the remix at The Sunsides Soundcloud.

Face The Shadow - Eurovision version
- on the official Vienna 2CD
Face The Shadow - Sunside remix
- on promo cds, soundcloud
Face The Shadow - Karaoke version (Instrumental)
- on the official karaoke album, digital release
promo folder hosting the 3 discs

Genealogy members
Essaï Altounian (Եսայի Ալթունյան) from France
Tamar Kaprelian (Թամար Գաբրելեան) U.S.A. (Arizona)
Vahe Tilbian (Վահե Թիլբյան) Ethiopia
Stephanie Topalian (Ստեֆանի Թօփալեան a.k.a. ステファニー) from Japan
Mary-Jean O'Doherty Vazmatzian (Մերի - Ջին Օ'Դոհերթի Վասմաթզյանին) Australia
Inga Arshakyan (Ինգա Արշակյաններ) Armenia

Inga Arshakyan (left) in 2009
Jan Jan
Inga Arshakyan was the last of the six singers to be revealed, at the same time as the song. Eurovision fans know her from the Armenian entry Jan Jan which she sang with her sister Anush. The duo ended 10th in the Moscow contest of 2009.
You can read everything about this entry here at the Moscow Collection.

Links and sources
Genealogy FB
Special thanks to Jean François

Original logo from Genealogy Facebook
Armenia's entries in recent years
2014 - Aram MP3
2013 - Dorians
2012 - No participation
2011 - Emmy
2010 - Eva Rivas
2009 - Inga and Anush Arshakyans

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