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Cyprus - One Thing I Should Have Done - John Karayiannis

Digital release image (2 track issue)
22 - 11 pts / 6 - 87 pts in semi 2

Cyprus returns to the Eurovision stage after a year absence. John Karayiannis (Giannis Karagiannis, Γιάννης Καραγιάννης) won the Cypriot selection with the acoustic ballad One Thing I Should Have Done.
The song is written by Mike Connaris and John Karayiannis himself.

There is a new version made for Eurovision, the main changes are in the recording of the acoustic guitar and the violins come in a bit earlier in the new mix.

Watch the first version official video here at CyBC
The new version is here at's Youtube channel.
2nd promo cds

first promo cds
A 2-track digital release has one version called Promo mix which is again slightly different from the other releases. The second one is the Unplugged mix featuring a string section.
Both are also released on a promo CD.
A second promo cds has the Promo mix and the Euroclub remix.

The Euroclub remix (by Pepperoni Mohawx) is released as a two track digital release also including an instrumental version of the remix.

Digital release image 
One Thing I Should Have Done - Eurovision version
- on the official Vienna 2CD
One Thing I Should Have Done - Promo mix
- on both promo cdsingles
One Thing I Should Have Done - Unplugged mix
- digital release, 1st promo
One Thing I Should Have Done - First version
- first digital release
One Thing I Should Have Done - Euroclub mix Pepperoni Mohawx
- 2nd promo cds, digital release
One Thing I Should Have Done - Euroclub remix instrumental
- digital release
One Thing I Should Have Done - Karaoke (Instrumental)
- on the official karaoke album, digital release

Sweden Digilistan top 60: 39
Austria top 75: 61

digital release image remixes
Mike Connaris
10 years ago Connaris gave us the wonderful Stronger Every Minute, performed by Lisa Andreas, which ended fifth, the highest place Cyprus ever achieved in Eurovision.
He wrote and produced several Cypriot national final entries including If You Go for Constantinos (2005) and Invincible (2006) and Moments Of Madness (2008) for Eleni Skarpari.
He also wrote a few NF entries in the U.K. including Sexy Sadie's I Won't Let You Do This To Me (2000), Alberta's Don't It Make You Feel So Good (1998) and personal favorite I Just Wanna Make Love 2U by Lois (1996)

Links and sources:
John Karayiannis Website and FB
Thanks to Jean-François

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  1. The "Promo Mix" is different from both the original and the Eurovision Mix. You can hear a difference at 1:50.


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