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Moldova - I Want Your Love - Eduard Romanyuta

11 - 41 pts in semi 1
promo cds

I Want Your Love by Eduard Romanyuta is the Moldovan entry for the 2015 contest.
The singer won the Moldovan selection 'O Melodie Pentru Europa 2015'.
The song is written by Erik Lewander (Sweden), Hayley Aitken (Australia) and Tom Andrews (U.K.).

Watch the video at's youtube.

The song is released through most digital sources.
A remix can be heard at Eduards Youtube channel.

1st Digital Release Image
The promo used in Vienna features three versions of I Want Your Love plus six other songs, including Silence, his first attempt at Eurovision via Ukraine (2009).

The disc also has videos including two versions of I Want Your Love and his Ukrainian preselection songs I'll Never Let You Go (2012) and Get Real With My Heart (2013). It also includes a photo section.
Audio tracks:
1. I want your love (Official version)
2. I want your love (Radio remake)
3. I want your love (Electro House remix)
4. Reckless
5. Nightmare
6. Betray
7. No regrets
8. I'll find you
9. Silence

Another promo is a DVD with more or less the same content (10 audios, 4 videos),  housed in a DVD box.

DVD box promo

I Want Your Love - Eurovision version
- on the official Vienna 2CD
I Want Your Love - Radio remake
I Want Your Love - Electro House remix
- above three on promo cds.
I Want Your Love - Karaoke 
- on the official karaoke album, digital release

Romanyuta is a singer from Ukraine, who was a bit of a child star in his home country.
He initially recorded I Want Your Love to represent Ukraine in Vienna, but after the country withdrew he tried his luck in neighbouring Moldova and with result.

2nd DRI
Eduard Romanyuta entered the Ukranian National Final three times and a first attempt that stranded in the semi.
2009 - Silence (semi final)
2011 - Берега (Shores, 7th)
2012 - I'll never let go (5th)
2013 - Get real with my heart (3rd)
Three of the songs can be found on the CD album Conspiracy. (Digital release, Ditto music). Some digital release tracklists include all four of them.

Links and sources
Eduard Romayuta Website and FB
Thanks to Jean François and to Jussi.

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