Friday, May 15, 2015

Serbia - Beauty Never Lies - Bojana Stamenov

10 - 53 pts / 9 - 63 pts in semi 1

Serbia returns to Eurovision with Ceo Svet Je Moj (Цео свет је мој, The whole world is mine), a song performed by Bojana Stamenov (Бојана Стаменов) and written by Vladimir Graić and Leontina Vukomanović.
See Links and sources below to download the song legally.
Promo cds/DVD set
In Vienna the song was performed in English.
Watch the lovely audience/fans video of Beauty Never Lies here at's Youtube.

The English version is titled Beauty Never Lies, with lyrics by Charlie Mason of Rise Like A Phoenix fame. You can find that one here at Evropesma.

Digital release image (Amazon)
Bojana deserves this years Eurovision Collectors Guide award for all the versions she recorded and for making them available to the fans. Brava!
A Spanish version was released on April 6, a French version was revealed on April 13, the German one on April 17.
The German version, Die Ganze Welt Ist Mein, has a different 'alpine' arrangement and has accordion by Milaan (Milan Nikolić) (of Cipela fame) and even some yodeling. Needless to say, it's fab!.

The promo cds includes all versions, 11 in total.
It comes in two variations. One is the cdsingle the other also includes a DVD with info, bio's photo's and videos.
1. Beauty never lies (English)
2. Ceo svet je moj (Serbian original)
3. Le monde est à moi (French)
4. El mundo bajo mis pies (Spanish)
5. Die ganze Welt ist mein (German)
6. Beauty never lies (Ricardo Autobahn Radio Edit) 
7. Beauty never lies (Ricardo Autobahn Extended Remix) 
8. Beauty never lies (KOBO mix) 
9. Beauty never lies (Instrumental) 
10. Beauty never lies (English karaoke)
11. Ceo svet je moj (Serbian Karaoke)
promo cds

Vladimir Graić
Outside his home country songwriter Vladimir Graić  is probably best known for writing Molitva (with Saša Milošević Mare). The song by Marija Šerifović won the 2007 contest in Helsinki.
This year Graić wrote all three songs in the Serbian final. See links and sources below

Picture from Bojana's Facebook
Beauty Never Lies - English
- digital release, Vienna 2CD
Ceo Svet Je Moj - Original Serbian version
El Mundo Bajo Mis Pies - Spanish
Le Monde Est A Moi - French
Die Ganze Welt Ist Mein - German
Beauty Never Lies - English karaoke
- also on the official karaoke album, digital release
Ceo Svet Je Moj - Serbian karaoke
Beauty Never Lies - Instrumental
- all above audio's at website (see below)
Beauty Never Lies - Ricardo Autobahn remix
- listen here at Ricardo Autobahn's Youtube.
Beauty Never Lies - Ricardo Autobahn Radio edit
Beauty Never Lies - Kobo remix
- listen here at RTS youtube
- All versions on promo cdsingle

Austria top 75: 55, -

Links and sources
RTS 2015 Eurovision pages, plus Cyrillic version
See the live performance here at RTS Youtube.
Bojana Stamenov FB and another (fan?) FB
Evropesma page with all audio's.
You can download all three Serbian final songs (wav format) here at RTS
Thanks to Jean-François

Serbia's entries the past few years
2014 - No participation
2013 - Moje 3
2012 - Željko Joksimović 
2011 - Nina
2010 - Milan Stankovic
2009 - Marko Kon and Milaan

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