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Israel - Golden Boy - Nadav Guedj

Image used on cdsingle
9 - 97 pts / 3 - 151 pts in semi 2

Israel has chosen Nadav Guedj (נדב גדג') to represent the country in Eurovision. Winning the talent show Rising Star got him his ticket to Vienna.
The song title was announced on februari 26. It's titled Golden Boy and is written by Doron Medali.
The song is fully in English, which makes it the first Israeli entry not to include the Hebrew language.

Watch and listen here at Tel Aviv Pride Parade.
The song has been released through digital sources.

A 1-track promo cdsingle has been issued.
A 'golden' USB stick has also been handed out.
An official remix by Yinon Yahel and Mor Avrahami can be heard at Nadav's Youtube channel.
The remix has been released as a digital track and can also be found on the CD Now That's What I Call Running 2015 (Various Artists, Israel edition on Helicon records only)
so called promo cdsingles with remixes are not official and should be avoided.

Remix DRI
Golden Boy - Eurovision version
- 1-track promo, and on the official Vienna 2CD
Golden Boy - Remix by Yinon Yahel and Mor Avrahami
- digital release, listen at Nadav's Youtube, VA CD
Golden Boy - Karaoke (Instrumental)
- on the official karaoke album, digital release

Sweden top 100: 54, 44, 56, -
Sweden Digilistan top 60: 15, 23
Belgium top 50 FL: 36, 43, -
Germany top 100: 45, -
Switzerland top 75: 54, -
Austria top 75: 14, 47, 62
France top 200: 178, 187, -
Also No. 169 in U.K. top 200

2016: Nadav Guedj - The Album
Nadav Guedj, the album
In May 2016 Nadav released an album with nine songs including Golden Boy.
The CD is out in Israel on the Unicell ACS label.
Digital release in Israel, don't know about a other territories.
1. Jump
2. Hold The City
3. Never Over
4. Make You Mine
5. Can't Control It
6. Good Vibes
7. Elle M'rend Fou
8. Broken
9. Golden Boy

Dream Escape Metal Boy image
Metal Boy
Loud band Dream Escape have recorded a metal version of Golden Boy. It's not officially released but you can get it for free at the Dream Escape Soundcloud.

Golden Girl
Eleni Foureira (Ελένη Φουρέιρα), one time Greek National Final participant and 2018 hopeful for Cyprus has recorded a greek version of Golden Boy. The song is titled Στο Θεό Με Πάει / Sto Theo Me Paei and you can have a listen at the tube of Panik records

2nd Digital release image
Links and sources
Nadav Guedj FB
Thanks to Jean François and to Jussi.

1st Digital Release Image
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