Thursday, May 14, 2015

Record Releases from the Vienna Collection

Yay! Vinyl is back!!
The Finnish entry is released on a 7"inch vinyl single. It has already been available since januari.
We all love vinyl singles, I think the last entry to receive a vinyl single release was the French entry of 2008, Divine by Sebastien Tellier.

CD singles in the shops
The first officially released CDsingle (or mini album) is the 7-track disc Sanremo Grande Amore by Il Volo (Italy)
Germany: Ann Sophies entry Black Smoke is out on cdsingle from March 20.
The U.K. entry cdsingle is out now and reaches No 1 in the UK physical top 100.
A cdsingle for the Lithuanian entry has 6 versions of This Time.
Sweden and Australia have released official cdsingles out.

National Final Compilations
Denmark, IcelandHungaryMacedonia and Sweden have released their entire National Final output on compilation CDs

Slovenia's RTVSLO releases an interesting compilation entry featuring Slovenian entries including a few from Yugoslavia days.
Find out more here in the Slovenia section.

The Official One
The 2CD with all 40 entries is out now. Release dates in various countries may vary. Of course it's also released digitally.
The karaoke versions have been released digitally only. Some versions are instrumental, others have backing vocals.
In each country's section you'll find the details on these versions.
The DVD is out on on June 22, it has three discs with all the shows and bonus material.

It seems that the Australian edition of the 2CD (SBS 0602547222425) has some problems including errors in the tracks of the UK, Australia and Switzerland. I don't have all the details, but if you do, please let me know.
Another problem is the mix of the Portuguese entry which sounds bad on my CD and the digital album, but fine on the digital single release.

The Albums Of This Years Eurovision Stars
Norway's entry can be found on Morlands 2016 CD Make A Sail.
Noid, mr Barta from the Czech Republic has an album out which includes the Eurovision duet.
Spains Edurne has her new album Adrenalina out June 16.
Maria Elena from Greece release her album One Last Breath including the Eurovision version and the Greek version of the Greek entry.
Australia: Guy's Madness album gets a European release on May 22 with Tonight Again added to the original tracklist.
Estonia's Elina Born has her debut album out in Eurovision week.
Måns Zelmerlöw released his new album Perfectly Damaged on May 23.
Finlands rowdy bunch PKN have 37 tracks on their Greatest Hits CD
Austria: The Makemakes debut album is out now (May 15).
Walk Along, the album by Trijntje Oosterhuis (Netherlands) is out on May 15.
France's Lisa Angell released her new album on May 11.
Ann Sophie (Germany) released CD Silver Into Gold on April 24.
Aminata's debut, Inner Voice, out now,  of course includes the Eurovision entry for Latvia.
Half of Lithuania's duo has a solo version of the Eurovision album on his new album Iš Naujo.
Hungary's Boggie has her entry Wars For Nothing on her 2014 album All Is One Is All.

More details on the CDs, also on promos, digital releases and internet versions will be featured in each country's section.

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